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Bitumen Torch-on & Acrylic Waterproofing Applications in Cape Town


Waterproofing Contractors in Cape Town:

We at Cape Town Waterproofing Contractors offer our clients; friendly, professional and expert advice on any waterproofing related issues. When it comes to the waterproofing of your property, make sure you choose the right waterproofing contractor for the task.

Although it is not always considered a worthwhile investment. Investing in an effective waterproofing solution is one of the most important strategies against any structural damage. Water ingress is one of the main causes of structural damages for buildings, walls or foundations. The installation of specialised waterproofing applications to your property, may look like an unnecessary expense to worry about, however waterproofing should be one of most essential and probably the first improvement that any property owner should consider. Long-term benefits of waterproofing, make it a worthy investment and therefore will be more cost-effective in the future.

We at Cape Town Waterproofing Contractors, offer a whole range of specialised techniques when it comes to providing the very best waterproofing solutions for your property. Whether it be; an office building, an apartment block or even your private home. We believe in offering the best services to all our clients. Our friendly and well-equipped teams are ready to assist you in any of your waterproofing queries.

The Two Types of Waterproofing Applications:

Torch-on waterproofing:

Bitumen Torch-on waterproofing is the application of a polymer modified membrane. It is a mixture of a sticky bitumen liquid and polymer agent. The types of polymers agents include; Atactic Polypropylene (APP) or Styrene Butadiene Styrene (SBS). These polymers enhance the temperature performance and increase the durability of the bitumen membrane. This bitumen-polymer mixture is then coated on either a polyester or fiberglass reinforced membrane to increase the tear-strength and puncture resistance properties.

Torch-on waterproofing systems are best suited for expansion joints, flat concrete roof surfaces, foundation walls, flashings, overlaps on corrugated and IRB roof sheets, parapet walls, retaining walls and roofing screws. It has proven to be one of the most reliable technologies in the waterproofing industry.

Bitumen waterproofing is one of the best waterproofing solutions when it comes to the sealing of underwater surfaces such as box gutters or below the soil applications, such as underground basements and lateral walls against embankments.

Acrylic waterproofing systems

When it comes to waterproofing, Acrylic waterproofing system is another application that we often consider and specialise in. This application works best for various roof surfaces and structures that include; tiled roof areas, parapets, flashings, joints and roof ridges, cracks, roof screws and chimney caps. Acrylic waterproofing systems are often suitable for almost any climate and condition. However, it is not suitable for areas that are covered by water for long periods.

Acrylic waterproofing bonds to almost any surface, regardless of whether it be wood, metal, asphalt, concrete, clay or foam insulation boards. Acrylic waterproofing systems consist of two primary components:

This acrylic waterproofing system consists of a copolymer emulsion in paint form and a reinforced fibre membrane. The membrane is manually inserted between multiple layers of acrylic waterproofing coats. This method creates a seamless and flexible waterproofing application with minimal maintenance requirement.

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